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Online Registration

Intuitive, uncluttered, simple and fast describes Register-Wizard in a user’s perspective. Designed for ease of understanding and use while providing a secure solution that is efficient and cost effective. Customized web design reflects a confident professionalism.

Event Marketing and Promotion

Let us get the word out about your next event by using one of our marketing packages.

Collect Donations

Create a donations option for your event or organization for your event. Let the Wizard power your online fundraising activities and enjoy simple, no-nonsense activity statements with all of your donor activity.

Ecommerce and Online Store

Display and sell your event-related items in our integrated drag and drop cart module included with registration.

Email Marketing Solutions

We offer an affordable contact and information outreach to registrants. Professionally designed to remind them of key dates and guidelines.

Web Design, Development, and Hosting

Does your current event site lack the sizzle you were hoping for? Is your homepage dated or missing some key features, logos or information? Our Microsites do it all so you can spend more time managing your event instead of being stuck in front of the computer.

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